iron rich foods

10 Iron rich foods (excluding red meat)

Iron is one of the essential minerals that the human body cannot do without. But, if you hear people telling you that the only source of iron is red meat, let me tell you…THEY ARE WRONG! There are plenty of other iron rich foods. Iron is naturally present in a lot of foods, and that […]

fat burning tips

20 fat burning tips backed by science

In writing this blog post, I am always asked by readers if I could give them fat burning tips. The best fat burning tips are not only the most basic. Scientists have verified the effectiveness of these 20 tips I have for you below through years of research. Now, 20 science-backed fat burning tips may […]

how to lower your cholesterol fast

How to Lower Your Cholesterol Fast

High cholesterol is one of the leading health problems in the world today. Worldwide, it is estimated that 39 percent of adults aged 25 years and above have raised cholesterol. According to 2008 trends, it is responsible for 2.6 million deaths and 29.7 million disability adjusted life years. High cholesterol is also the major cause of ischemic heart […]

what supplements should I take?

What Supplements Should I Take?

There seems to be a lot of confusion. Many people wonder: what supplements should I take? With so much information readily available nowadays it can be confusing to really know. It can be overwhelming, but I want to simplify things for you in this article. After reading this, when someone asks you: what supplements should […]

calcium rich foods

10 Dairy-Free, Calcium Rich Foods (Number 8 is My Favourite)

There seems to be a problem. You need calcium, but most calcium comes from dairy products right? Wrong. Dairy products aren’t the only source of calcium, there is also other calcium rich foods. Everyone knows that calcium is one of the most important nutrients that people of all ages should consume the recommended amounts of. […]

how to eat more vegetables

How to Eat More Vegetables: 6 Sneaky Ways

Eating meat is addictive. For many, eating meat is no problem. The problem is eating enough veggies. Which is why in this article I want to show you how to eat more vegetables in your diet. Studies have shown that meat contains a substance called hypoxanthine that causes stimulant effects similar to caffeine. It’s no wonder you […]


Learn how nutrition affects mental health

Is it possible to battle mental illnesses with only the food you eat? Imagine that. No need for prescription drugs or medicine. None at all. In this article, I want to show you how nutrition affects mental health. If you are looking for a fat busting meal plan designed to help you lose weight just by […]