how to reverse diet

How to reverse diet

Want to know how to reverse diet? First, what exactly is a reverse diet? Read on to know more. In the never-ending battle against excess pounds, most people are too focused on the goal of losing weight. Once they achieve that goal, they revert to old habits. Soon, they find themselves regaining the exact weight […]

How to count macros

How to count macros : 5 simple steps

Why is it so necessary for you to know how to count macros ? Well…if you want to know how to effortlessly put on muscle mass and/or lose weight, read on.   Getting your macros right is very important if your health goal is BODY RECOMPOSITION, meaning you want to gain muscle while losing fat […]

How many calories do I burn a day

How many calories do I burn a day?

“How many calories do I burn a day?” – you’ve probably thought of this before. No matter what your fitness goal is – whether it’s to lose fat, gain muscle, or just maintain your weight – you definitely need to know how many calories you burn daily. But why do you need to know this? […]

lean protein sources

Lean protein sources (excluding meat, eggs or dairy)

When you hear the word “protein”, the first thing that comes to your mind is meat. Others may think of dairy products or eggs. Maybe fish and other seafood, too. But, with the ever-increasing trend for a healthy diet, more and more people are looking for other, healthier lean protein sources besides those that come […]