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how do you get stronger

How Do You Get Stronger ? 3 Steps To Incredible Strength

by Waseem Khan
“When you build muscle, strength will follow.” How do you get stronger? All those things you do to build muscle – like bench presses, deadlifts, and squats – eventually cause you to build up strength in the long run. However, if you want to get the best results for your body, the statement above should be rephrased as follows: WITH INCREDIBLE STRENGTH, A GREAT PHYSIQUE WILL FOLLOW. This means you should work on increasing the strength of your entire body, and not just limiting yourself to achieving that “burn” or those “big pumps”. I have mentioned this before in previous […]
How to tone up your body

How to tone up your body : 3 simple steps

by Waseem Khan
There have been many workout routines shared by professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts on how to tone up your body, but do you really need to know all of those? Today you’ll discover just three simple steps on how to tone up your body.   What Does It Mean to be “Skinny Fat”? You will be shocked to learn that there is a medical term for “skinny fat” – Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW). The simplest explanation for this is that you have a person who appears normal and does have normal weight. However, most of this weight is fat […]
how to improve your health

How to improve your health in 4 weeks without going on a strict diet

One month. That’s all you need to improve your health. You don’t need to go on a strict diet, you don’t need to exercise every single day, you don’t need to turn your life upside down. It’s true. Improving your health doesn’t need to be a painful process. In fact, going on strict diets can actually be harmful. Not only that, but it can make you feel tired throughout the day whilst taking away your happiness in the process. Strict diets may work in the short-term but eventually most people give up. Even though you start with excitement and the […]
Take Control of Your Life

Take Control of Your Life: Seize The Moment And Make Permanent, Lasting Change

In high school, there was a kid in my class who was what you’d call a typical bully. You wouldn’t want to get in his way. Being one of the tallest in the class meant it was best to just try and avoid him and stay on his good side. He would often disrupt class, and get in arguments with teachers. His marks at school, as you’d expect weren’t great either. But something remarkable happened one year. From being an arrogant, loud, and disrespectful student, he turned 180 degrees and became a completely new person. Humble, quiet, respectful to teachers […]
Exercises for weight loss at home

A quick 30 minute workout: Exercises for weight loss at home

Who says exercise needs to be a marathon session which you can only do at the gym?! You don’t need to spend hours at a gym to get results. If you find yourself with little free time to spare, or just too busy to find time for exercise, but want to get active, then this workout is perfect for you. You don’t need a gym for this workout as it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Better still, you can complete this total body workout in under 30 minutes. Download the worksheet so you can print […]
18 Fitness Experts Share their number 1 weight loss tip

18 Fitness Experts Share Their Best Weight Loss Tips

When you’re looking for help, you go to someone who knows what they’re talking about. It makes sense after all. They have more experience and knowledge than you. We do it all the time in our day to day life. When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. When you have a tooth ache, you go see a dentist. When you need a haircut, you got the barber. When you need advice for a specific problem, you go to the expert in the field. The list goes on… But what about weight loss? It seems everyone is an expert on […]

Learn How to Lose Weight (Fat) and Build Muscle While you Sleep

I’m gonna teach you how to lose fat AND build muscle……all while you sleep! This is a “trick” bodybuilders and fitness models use often to get that shredded look. When they do this specific “trick”, they are able to accelerate fat loss and optimise muscle growth by more than 20%. It’s called intermittent fasting, eating food for a period and then abstaining from it for 10-16 hours. Get Your Free Download – Use These 3 Apps to Get a Lean Body now! Fitness juggernaut organizations such as and EAS Nutrition have actively endorsed the idea of abstaining from food […]

How to Conquer your Snooze Button and Become a Morning Person

Here is a post I did featured on Motivation Grid. You can read it here.   Mornings are usually a time of madness for many of us. We barely wake up – often after hitting the snooze button a dozen times. Then we rush around trying to get ready and out the door. But by getting up a little earlier, we can easily overcome this problem. In this post, you’ll learn how to conquer your snooze button and become a morning person. [click to continue]   [bctt tweet=”The best time to get things done, is in the mornings while the […]

You can Never Out Exercise a Poor Diet: Healthy Eating and Exercise go Hand in Hand

How many times have you decided to make a change in your life to get in shape? You start by going to the gym for a few weeks, maybe a few months if you’re lucky and eventually realise (or so you think) that you’re not making any progress so decide to pull the plug on your quest to getting the body you saw on the front cover of those health magazines. You pushed yourself to the limit while at the gym, almost to the point of throwing up, with the hope that this is what you need to feel if […]

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

You’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to be motivated all the time.   No matter what you are working on, there will be some days when you just don’t feel like doing anything. Be it household chores, daily responsibilities or exercise, there are some days when your energy levels and motivation are down the gutter. Casual exercisers looking at getting in shape, know this. They struggle to find the workout motivation to make fitness a part of their daily routine. Missing a session in their routine is common until eventually they fall back to their old habits and don’t exercise […]