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How to lose weight with a bad back

How to lose weight with a bad back

Wanna know how to lose weight with a bad back ? Is chronic back pain holding you back from the healthy lifestyle that you dream about? Maybe you have an old injury that still haunts you or perhaps your lifestyle causes significant strain on your back muscles. For example, it is common to find that overweight patients complain about having a bad back. Despite the pain, many patients still want to exercise to reach their weight loss goals. Knowing which exercises will exacerbate the pain is a key step in forming a regular exercise routine. If you want to start […]
how to lean bulk

Learn how to lean bulk with these 6 easy steps

by Waseem Khan
Wanna know how to lean bulk ? There is still considerable debate going on as to the effectiveness of bulking in fast muscle growth. Let’s face it. When you try to bulk up, there’s the inevitable fat gain that comes along with it. Some say that you can’t bulk and NOT gain fat at the same time, while others say it is possible. So…who is right? Well, to be honest, both schools of thought pose valid and correct points. YES, it is necessary to eat more food in order to build more muscle. YES, it is also bad to rapidly […]
how do you get stronger

How Do You Get Stronger ? 3 Steps To Incredible Strength

by Waseem Khan
“When you build muscle, strength will follow.” How do you get stronger? All those things you do to build muscle – like bench presses, deadlifts, and squats – eventually cause you to build up strength in the long run. However, if you want to get the best results for your body, the statement above should be rephrased as follows: WITH INCREDIBLE STRENGTH, A GREAT PHYSIQUE WILL FOLLOW. This means you should work on increasing the strength of your entire body, and not just limiting yourself to achieving that “burn” or those “big pumps”. I have mentioned this before in previous […]
How to tone up your body

How to tone up your body : 3 simple steps

by Waseem Khan
There have been many workout routines shared by professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts on how to tone up your body, but do you really need to know all of those? Today you’ll discover just three simple steps on how to tone up your body.   What Does It Mean to be “Skinny Fat”? You will be shocked to learn that there is a medical term for “skinny fat” – Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW). The simplest explanation for this is that you have a person who appears normal and does have normal weight. However, most of this weight is fat […]

How to recover muscles faster : 5 simple steps

by Waseem Khan
Wanna know how to recover muscles faster? Working out, especially lifting heavy weights, can put a strain on our muscles. When you are thinking about building muscle, it is AFTER your workout that you get the biggest gains, namely bigger and stronger muscles. Why is this so? Well, after putting your muscles through stress in a rigorous workout, they sustain damage and stress. They then need repair after your training and while you sleep. While you are resting, your body uses the amino acids and calories in the food you had eaten to repair your damaged muscles and grow bigger […]

How to look lean: 5 steps to a body recomp

by Waseem Khan
Wanna know how those “Instagram celebrities” get that lean, shredded look so effortlessly? Simple. They pull off a body recomp. What Is Body Recomp?   Body recomposition involves the SIMULTANEOUS losing of fat or excess weight and the building and gaining of muscle. Most fitness experts say that this is impossible to do. They insist that you should burn off the fat first followed by muscle building. The rationale behind this is that if you are unable to get rid of the fat, you will not be aware of the fact that you are building muscle underneath all that excess weight. […]
how to build lean muscle mass

How to Build Lean Muscle Mass With These 10 Food Combinations

Want to learn how to build lean muscle mass just by eating certain food combinations? We’re told by the experts to eat more proteins and reduce your carbs and fat intake to build up lean muscle mass and strength. But… The human body will not thrive on these macronutrients alone. We also need micronutrients – vitamins, minerals and trace elements – to ensure our metabolism is working at its best. For this reason, there are specific food combinations found to be effective in achieving your goals faster. These combos are not only rich in macronutrients. They also contain micronutrients. How […]
how to improve your health

How to improve your health in 4 weeks without going on a strict diet

One month. That’s all you need to improve your health. You don’t need to go on a strict diet, you don’t need to exercise every single day, you don’t need to turn your life upside down. It’s true. Improving your health doesn’t need to be a painful process. In fact, going on strict diets can actually be harmful. Not only that, but it can make you feel tired throughout the day whilst taking away your happiness in the process. Strict diets may work in the short-term but eventually most people give up. Even though you start with excitement and the […]
how to avoid gym injuries

5 Reasons Why You’re Getting Injured (and what to do about it)

Getting injured sucks! As someone who has injured myself on countless occasions in the past, I know the feeling. I’ve dislocated my shoulder three times, fractured my wrist, and had countless knee and ankle injuries over the years. You see, I love sports, and the injuries I obtained were from soccer, jiu-jitsu and general mucking around. Sometimes these injuries are unavoidable and there isn’t much you can do about them. Getting tackled from behind in indoor soccer just as you’re about to score isn’t something you can really prevent. Sometimes it feels as though the referee isn’t even watching. But […]
Exercises for weight loss at home

A quick 30 minute workout: Exercises for weight loss at home

Who says exercise needs to be a marathon session which you can only do at the gym?! You don’t need to spend hours at a gym to get results. If you find yourself with little free time to spare, or just too busy to find time for exercise, but want to get active, then this workout is perfect for you. You don’t need a gym for this workout as it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Better still, you can complete this total body workout in under 30 minutes. Download the worksheet so you can print […]