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how to reverse diet

How to reverse diet

by Waseem Khan
Want to know how to reverse diet? First, what exactly is a reverse diet? Read on to know more. In the never-ending battle against excess pounds, most people are too focused on the goal of losing weight. Once they achieve that goal, they revert to old habits. Soon, they find themselves regaining the exact weight they had lost or, worse, gained more extra pounds than what they had at the beginning. Believe me when I tell you this. Losing weight through dieting, exercise and all other weight loss measures is just half the battle. The greatest battle ahead of you […]
How to count macros

How to count macros : 5 simple steps

by Waseem Khan
Why is it so necessary for you to know how to count macros ? Well…if you want to know how to effortlessly put on muscle mass and/or lose weight, read on.   Getting your macros right is very important if your health goal is BODY RECOMPOSITION, meaning you want to gain muscle while losing fat at the same time. In the past, everyone thought that clean eating (aka eat more fruits and veggies, lower those calories and carbs, absolutely zero fats) was the key to getting that better body. But science has proven that it’s not. What is important is […]