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intermittent fasting tips

Intermittent fasting tips: How to get started in 5 simple steps

by Waseem Khan
You may have heard some fitness experts recommending different intermittent fasting…   But…WHAT IS IT? The simple explanation for Intermittent Fasting (IF) is this: You go for several hours without eating and then cram all those calories into a short eating window, between two to 6-8 hours. Now, before you think that this is just like any other fad diet or detox cleanses that you’ve tried in the past, you should know that research has backed up its effectiveness in weight loss and muscle gain, while at the same time improving dietary compliance.   The one great thing that people […]

How to recover muscles faster : 5 simple steps

by Waseem Khan
Wanna know how to recover muscles faster? Working out, especially lifting heavy weights, can put a strain on our muscles. When you are thinking about building muscle, it is AFTER your workout that you get the biggest gains, namely bigger and stronger muscles. Why is this so? Well, after putting your muscles through stress in a rigorous workout, they sustain damage and stress. They then need repair after your training and while you sleep. While you are resting, your body uses the amino acids and calories in the food you had eaten to repair your damaged muscles and grow bigger […]

How to look lean: 5 steps to a body recomp

by Waseem Khan
Wanna know how those “Instagram celebrities” get that lean, shredded look so effortlessly? Simple. They pull off a body recomp. What Is Body Recomp?   Body recomposition involves the SIMULTANEOUS losing of fat or excess weight and the building and gaining of muscle. Most fitness experts say that this is impossible to do. They insist that you should burn off the fat first followed by muscle building. The rationale behind this is that if you are unable to get rid of the fat, you will not be aware of the fact that you are building muscle underneath all that excess weight. […]