20 Fat Burning Tips Backed by Science

In writing this blog post, I am always asked by readers if I could give them fat burning tips. The best fat burning tips are not only the most basic. Scientists have verified the effectiveness of these 20 tips I have for you below through years of research.

Now, 20 science-backed fat burning tips may be a lot to absorb in one long list. So that these tips will be easier to remember, let’s break them down into sections…

Fat Burning Tips: Watch What You’re Eating!

1) Reduce your intake of simple carbs

Simple carbs are foods that underwent processing. Grains, like pastries and white bread, had most of their nutritional content, including fiber, removed. Sugars are also simple carbs. Although they still give you energy, they lack the nutrients found in complex carbs. Because simple carbs are processed faster by your digestive system, only a few of the nutrients are absorbed and the food you ate is passed out as stools.

Simple carbs affect insulin resistance causing blood sugar spikes. It also influences eating behavior, resulting in a higher risk for diabetes and obesity.

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2) Cut down on sugar

Again, sugar is a simple carb. If you overload yourself on sugars, they get stored as fat in your belly region. Abdominal fat, in turn, increases your risk for cardiovascular disease. If you are eating something sweet, curb the craving to add more sugar.

3) Increase your intake of fiber

Vegetables, fruits, legumes and other high fiber foods give you that feeling of fullness, so that you eat less. Slower weight gain was also noted in people who ate more fruits and veggies.

The effects of fiber in the digestive system are not yet understood in full. But its main effect of making you feel full has long term benefits in controlling weight.

4) Eat eggs instead of grains for breakfast

Eggs are a better replacement for the cereals and grains you eat during breakfast. They are high in protein which is necessary for building muscle mass. They also keep you energized during your daily exercise.

Eggs can also curb the hunger pangs by up to 36 hours, so that you eat less calories.

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5) Add whey protein to your diet

If you don’t like eggs, you need to consider other protein foods. One great protein food is whey. You should take whey supplement while on a weight loss or weight control diet. You should also take it together with your resistance exercises. This is because whey promotes weight loss of up to eight pounds. It also improves your body composition when taken before and after resistance exercises.

6) Eat more spices

Peppers and other spicy foods contain a compound called capsaicin, which helps in promoting weight loss in three ways. First, it speeds up the body’s metabolism. Second, it promotes the burning of calories and fats. Third, capsaicin reduces appetite. One study showed that adding 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in soup led to a reduction of calorie intake by as much as 60 calories.


Don’t Forget Your Fluids!

7) Drink lots of water

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, now is the time to do so. While drinking water can prevent you from getting dehydrated, it will make you a lot healthier and keep those fats off to boot.

You probably know that drinking water before you eat can help you to feel fuller, so that you eat less. What you don’t know is that a study found out that making this a habit will enable you to reduce the number of calories that your body absorbs during a meal.

Not only that, another study showed that if you drink water, you also end up boosting your metabolism by as much as 24 to 30 percent for more than an hour.

Reduce caloric intake, burn more calories during exercise…all these benefits from water alone!

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8) Beware of those fruit juices

You always hear people saying that fruit juices are great for you. Yes, it’s true, BUT like with all other foods, those sweet juices need to be taken in moderation. Why? Well, fruits processed into liquids are packed with a lot more sugar. In fact, it is these sugar-concentrated drinks that have been linked to an increased risk of childhood obesity by up to 60 percent with each daily serving.

9) Make Your Coffee Black

With every new medical study comes out, researchers are saying that coffee is good for you because not only can it boost metabolism by up to 3 to 11 percent, it also allows your body to burn fat by up to 10 to 29 percent. There’s also the fact that it contains healthy antioxidants that help your body to get rid of harmful toxins.

BUT, these benefits are only good if you take your coffee in its pure black form. Yes, it’s bitter, but that sugar and cream only pack more calories and reduce the fat-burning goodness of coffee.

10) Green Tea is a Great Alternative to Coffee

Coffee not to your liking? How about taking a cup of green tea instead? While the caffeine content of green tea is much less than coffee so that it doesn’t have the same energizing effects, it is still a great drink because its antioxidants, called catechins, work in tandem with coffee to improve the body’s fat burning abilities.


Check Your Eating Habits!

11) Eat Light Snacks Before a Heavy Meal

If you find yourself overeating when you eat out or whenever you’re invited to a party, make it a point to eat a light, healthy snack before leaving so that you keep away the hunger pangs. Aside from keeping you energized, the sensation of fullness will enable you to eat less. Great snacks to eat include yogurt or an apple.

12) Eat Smaller Portions

Have you been shoveling food onto your plate? Now is the time to pay attention to average serving sizes. By knowing just how much of the various food groups you should eat and their serving sizes, you will lower your total calorie intake and lose weight. In addition, it will help you to become more aware of how much you’re eating.

You can also trick your mind into eating less by using smaller plates. Your eyes see that it is filled with food and it tricks your brain into thinking that you’re full. But, in reality, you have eaten smaller portions.

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13) Chew Your Food Well

You may have been told by your mother to eat slowly and chew your food well. It’s a habit that you end up losing though as you get older, thanks to the hectic frenzy of fast foods and a busy lifestyle.

But, chewing your food not only enables your body to efficiently absorb the nutrients. Studies have shown that chewing your food slowly promotes the release of hormones that aid in weight loss.

14) Don’t Go for Seconds

Aside from chewing your food slowly and thoroughly, you should also sit down and relax after eating instead of diving in for seconds or hurrying off to the buffet table.

Your brain needs 20 minutes to process the fact that you’ve just eaten. So give it time to check your hunger levels by talking to family at the dining table or walk around for a bit. Once it does sink into your brain that you are full, just take save up those leftovers for later eating.

15) Chew Gum

While most people pop a gum inside their mouths to freshen their breaths after a meal, studies have shown that chewing gum before a meal is effective in keeping your mind off your hunger. In addition, the act of chewing on gum gives your mouth something to do, so that you are less likely to munch on snacks. Not bad for a fat burning tips!

16) Don’t Switch from One Fad Diet to Another

There are a lot of folks out there who tend to switch from one fad diet to another if the diet didn’t work for them. This is a big no no because it wreaks havoc on your metabolism and your overall health.

I should emphasize that these fad diets are intended to be done on a short term, and thus their positive effects – if there are any – don’t last long either. If you want to lose those extra pounds and keep them off, eat a healthy, balanced diet AND maintain an active lifestyle.

17) Do More Cardio

All physical fitness experts are unanimous in saying that the BEST WAY to burn calories and improving your health is by doing lots of cardio or aerobic exercise.

Cardio is very important in reducing visceral fat or belly fat. This is the worst type of fat on your body because it wraps around vital organs in your abdomen. Metabolic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular are more likely to develop in people with larger waistlines.

The best cardio exercises to get rid of belly fat include light jogging or brisk walking.

18) Hit the Weights

When you’re on a diet, you are putting your body into starvation mode or (in its scientific name) adaptive thermogenesis. In this state, your body is getting energy from your muscles so that you end up losing muscle mass and also slow down your metabolism.

To prevent starvation mode from kicking in, the best way to do it is by performing resistance exercises, such as weight lifting. Studies have shown that weight lifting not only maintains healthy metabolism; it also prevents muscle mass loss and promotes the building of muscles. In addition, you burn off more calories with resistance exercises when you combine them cardio.

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Get a Lot of Zzzz’s

19) Sleep More

Sleep is very important because it is while you are sleeping that your body is both repairing and building up new muscles. But sleep has been found to be vital for weight maintenance as well. Studies have demonstrated that sleeping less at night increases the obesity risk in adults and kids.

If you sleep between 6 and 8 hours or more, studies have shown that your weight gain is lesser because of the better metabolism of glucose. Let’s not forget that you also need a good night’s rest to replenish your energies and improve your mood for the next day’s activities. So, if you’re feeling active and perky, you tend to be more energized at your workout session.

20) Sleep in a Cooler Place

Sleep can be difficult to achieve if you’re feeling hot. A study recommends that you should turn up the air conditioner or turn on the electric fan. Aside from enabling you to get a more comfortable night’s sleep, it can also enable you to burn more calories. The researchers say that sleeping in cooler environments can be used as an effective strategy against metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

Thes Fat Burning Tips Should Be Enough… Right?

If you’re still having problems losing weight, just include these fat burning tips in your daily regimen. These tips may seem simple, but they have been tried and proven as effective by science. If you are looking for a weight loss meal plan, head over here for your free 3-day meal plan download.

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