Learn How to Lose Weight (Fat) and Build Muscle While You Sleep

I’m gonna teach you how to lose fat AND build muscle……all while you sleep!

This is a “trick” bodybuilders and fitness models use often to get that shredded look.

When they do this specific “trick”, they are able to accelerate fat loss and optimise muscle growth by more than 20%.

It’s called intermittent fasting, eating food for a period and then abstaining from it for 10-16 hours.

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Fitness juggernaut organizations such as Bodybuilding.com and EAS Nutrition have actively endorsed the idea of abstaining from food for 10-16 hours and then partaking in a large meal that accounts for all of the day’s nutrients and calories for the day.

The scientific evidence for the benefits of intermittent fasting specifically have not been at large and by no means definitive; however, the evidence for the concept of caloric restriction, which also happens to be apart of intermittent fasting, are backed by the scientific community and have proven to accelerate fat loss and muscle growth.

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In today’s fitness world, intermittent fasting has quickly become one of the most popular dieting concepts. It typically involves you not eating anything for over fifteen hours and after that waiting period, only then are you able to take part in a meal. That meal usually has to be large and the only calories and nutrients you consume for the day.

Though the science is still developing regarding intermittent fasting, the concepts of calorie restriction and varying periods of the consumption of food have been around for years. When you are fasting your body naturally produces significantly less insulin which, in turn, facilitates fat loss. In addition to producing less insulin, intermittent fasting will actually increase your metabolic heart rate by three to fourteen percent which also facilitates fat loss.

According to a recent study, intermittent fasting has the potential to induce the weight loss of three to eight percent over the span of twenty four weeks. The individuals involved in this study also lost four to seven percent of their waistline, which has to do directly with the shedding of unnecessary and unwanted fat.

The final and perhaps the most overlooked benefit of this new dieting craze is the body’s natural inclination to clean itself out through a process called autophagy which is simply the process of waste removal. This has to do with the toxins that you sweat out during a workout following a fast.

Imagine that. You’ll be naturally sweating out nasty toxins that could harm your health in the future!


Here’s the Big Question: Is It Worth It?


Everyone has their own method of success that has altered their life for the better and I simply want to offer you another alternative to starving yourself for fifteen hours before you taste the goodness of food.

So if you’re looking to get lean, and look good, and don’t wanna pump yourself up full of protein shakes and go to the gym 24/7, try this technique now.

Instead of undergoing what seems to be an exhausting period of time to abstain from food, why not just do it in your sleep? The concept of caloric restriction comes into play here; as you are sleeping, you are fasting simultaneously. That’s why it’s called break-fast because you are breaking a fast.


So Here’s Exactly What to Do to Lose Weight (FAT) and Build Muscle While You Sleep:


  1. Stop eating and drinking 3-4 hours before you sleep.
  2. Get some sleep (duh)
  3. Wake up.
  4. Drink coffee or water, if desired (drinking coffee before exercise has been proven to accelerate fat burning).
  5. Engage in an exercise session.
  6. Eat a high protein meal (should be 40% of daily protein intake) after your workout. This should be your largest meal of the day.


This is a guest post by Daniel Chae from Fitting & Winning. Daniel is an third culture entrepreneur, student, and unofficial foodie that hails from the Bay Area. He loves anything involving adventure and enjoys getting to travel to different countries in his spare time. Daniel is currently enrolled at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. You can connect with Daniel via his twitter.

Try it yourself and see what happens.

Then tell me what you think.

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